Sr Engineer Material Sciences

This position (Senior Engineer) works under the supervision of the Senior Manager to develop new materials, processes and technology. The employee will work closely with Manufacturing, Market Portfolio Managers, and Sales to understand customer needs, develop products and processes, transfer technology from R & D to manufacturing, and provide technical product support to customers. The employee will also conduct long term fundamental research. Projects are generally defined by the policies of business units and Technology; they can be informally reviewed as needed and are formally reviewed twice per year.   PhD in Material Science/Engineering or related field plus 2 years of experience is preferred. Similar combinations of degrees (BS+8 years, MS+ 6 Years) will be considered.   Experience must include: Powder metallurgy, hardmetals, development and selection of wear resistant materials, and materials characterization techniques, including wear resistance, fracture toughness, metallography, and powder characterization.   Desirable skills include: applying statistical methods to improve process capability, reduce scrap or improve quality, knowledge of ferrous materials and their heat treatment, experience with brazing and other joining techniques, experience with casting, experience with additive manufacturing, knowledge of advanced tribology, knowledge of metal stamping, knowledge of fluid dynamics, modeling of thermodynamics with Thermo-Calc Software or equivalent, proficiency with Microsoft Project or equivalent, experience using Stage Gate process for product development, and familiarity with CA Klarity.
Salary Range: NA
Minimum Qualification
8 - 10 years

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